Our Story

“We wanted to be the kind of church that young adults wanted to attend.”


We started an experiment in authentic Christianity in the spring of 2002 that has led to something beyond what we thought possible. What happened was something, we think, only God could have done. Every trend around us was saying twenty-somethings were leaving church and weren’t interested in following Jesus, so we dared to try something that would counter that trend:

We wanted to be the kind of church that young adults wanted to attend.

The premise was simple: Give young adults the space and freedom to discover who Jesus is and let them find out for themselves how an honest pursuit of God could change their lives. Since then, we’ve seen thousands of young adults over the years get together on Sunday nights and pursue God in an authentic way.


As we grew, community became such a passion for us that we launched a network of smaller communities that took us from just an experience on Sunday nights to greater community and opportunities for more intentional spiritual growth.

At The Project, we’re committed to three main purposes:

1. Increasing the number of people in Edmonton who believe in Jesus
2. Increasing the quality of that belief
3. Alleviate suffering in our city and in our world


Join Us Sundays at 7:00PM.

2225 66 Street, Edmonton, AB
For Young Adults Ages 18-30

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